Call us for Ordering

Q. Do you have a menu?
A. Yes, go to the catering menu page to look at items frequently requested and prepared by us.

Q. How do I secure a date for an event?
A. A deposit of at least half of the total cost must be paid to secure an event date.  If not paid in full, the remaining balance will be due on or before the date of event.

Q. May we sample some of your menu items prior to our event date?
A. Yes. We will gladly prepare menu items you would like to try prior to booking the event. Tastings are only for potential bookings of 100 or more guests. (SMOKED CHICKEN is not available for tastings) For a fee of $150.00, we will deliver to your location, menu sample choices for up to 6 people. The $150.00 will be credited to your invoice if you book your event with us. Any samples requested after booking your event will be charged accordingly

Q. How is the food prepared?
A. All menu choices are barbecued with charcoal, using direct heat, indirect heat, and smoking with cherry, mesquite, hickory, oak, pecan, and/or apple woods.

Q. What do I need to do in order to book an event?
A. All Smoked Down BBQ needs is the date, serving time, location, which package and an estimated number of people. We send out a contract detailing your event. You then sign the contract and send it back with a 50% deposit and your event is now booked. Two weeks before the event you can call us with your final count and we adjust your final balance, which is due at the event.

Q. What if it rains?
A. Smoked Down BBQ can cater your event rain or shine. In the event of rain, we have tents to cover the cooking and buffet area. If the client chooses, Smoked Down BBQ can also set up the serving buffet indoors.

Q. When does Smoked Down BBQ crew arrive, at my event?
A. The Smoked Down BAR-B-CREW will arrive several hours before your event and will be ready to serve at the requested time.

Q. How long are the Smoked Down BBQ staff on site at the event?
A. For an average size event (75-150 people) Smoked Down BBQ arrives 2-3 hours before serving and serves for 90 minutes. We are on site at the event for approximately 5-6 hours

Q. What does Smoked Down BBQ bring to the event?
A. Smoked Down BBQ brings our smoker rig to events. We provide paper plates, napkins, plastic flatware, sauces, dressings, and spices needed.
The host should prepare to provide tables (with table cloths) and chairs for guests to sit and eat as well as overhead cover (tents) for guests in case of inclement weather

Q. Does the Smoked Down BBQ crew need access to electricity/power or water?
A. Our smoker rigs are equipped with electrical outlets. If it is available it is convenient for us, but not necessary. Access to potable water is also handy but not necessary.

Q. What does Smoked Down BBQ do with any left over food at the end of the event?
A. Any food remaining in serving dishes will be left with the host.

Q. How much space does the Smoked Down BBQ staff need for the event?
A. For an average event up to 100 guests, our staff only need approximately ( 10ft. x 30ft. )